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After having created a short animated intro for the spots aired on local TV stations, Malta's Financial Institution has entrusted us in creating a new informative animated TV commercial and also update the existing animation. Click link below to see commercial.



Petnutrition has just added a new innovative yet very original product to their range. Together with with other new products they have just launched the new Princess Eco Litter. An innovative product eliminating odours leaving a nice smell of green tea or coffee, but the best part..... you can just scoop out the dirty part and flush it away in the toilet. 



Another year and another new production all set up by Hermann Bonaci Productions. This time an action packed new soap opera airing on Net TV featuring some of the best local talents. Yet this time Hermann Bonaci Productions for the 5th consecutive year have entrusted us with creating the opening for their brand new soap opera Intricci


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Established in 2008 and located in Zebbug Malta we have been collaborating on award winning productions and other projects, including advertising, corporate videos, visual effects, CG and music industry amongst others.

Evolution Media has always embraced a fundamental credo
“Here to give our customer the best quality service!”


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Visual effects showreel


Our most recent jobs gathered all in one superb showreel. Featuring some of the best parts of visual effects we carried out this year. A good composition of green screen footage composited onto 2d matte paintings created purposely for each job. Click on the link provided to watch the some of the visual effects we created this year so far.

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